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EXHIBITION: a site-specific indoor/outdoor sculptural installation by 
DATES: February 23rd - March 24th 
HOURS: Saturday + Sunday, 1 - 6 pm, and by appointment
OPENING: Saturday, February 23rd, 3 - 5 pm
at 61 South 3rd St., Brooklyn, 

"more than I would say about most people" is a site-specific sculptural installation that responds to the unusual nature of the Holland Tunnel Gallery's exhibition space, a white box-style gallery constructed inside a small freestanding gardening shed in South Williamsburg. 

This piece addresses the intimate quality of the building through an Alice in Wonderland style distortion:  A female figure towers over the building, her unclothed lower body (made of plaster, steel, urethane foam, automotive paint), lodged in the private space of the gallery. Her upper body (resin, steel, urethane foam, automotive paint), dressed to withstand the elements for an outdoor exhibit in late February, rises from the roof of the shed. 

As in Nina Levy's other sculptural and photographic work, this piece uses a figure that is based on her body as a stand-in for an everyman, or everywoman and is altered through distortion, shift in scale, and fragmentation. 

Ms. Levy says "I am interested in creating a piece that allows an ambiguous reading. The figure is large and overbearing, but is also trapped and exposed. The aspirations of the sculpture seem to exceed the box of the gallery, but it is not clear that the outcome is positive. Similarly, the upper body is divorced from the lower body, separated into public and private selves. The act of self-exposure is an ambivalent one -- the public outdoor self is distant, and perhaps cold and disapproving; the lower body is comparatively unreserved. On a literal level, "more than I would say about most people," refers to the fact that the piece is considerably larger than life-size, and more anatomically revealing than I would care to be in most instances. In essence, I am "saying" more than I would in most any case. And, while the piece is not really an image of myself, it is based on my body, and I would probably not presume to present anyone else in a similar fashion, i.e. as a huge person with no pants. Perhaps the title reflects my mixed feelings about self-presentation." 

Nina Levy has exhibited at Peter Miller Gallery in Chicago, and at Terry Dintenfass Gallery, Frederieke Taylor, eyewash Gallery and I-20 in NYC. She lives and works in Williamsburg. 

*eyewash, was started in June 1987 by artist/curator Larry Walczak on the 3rd Floor of a turn-of-the-century residential building in Williamsburg. Having lost that space, since January 2002 it has been a "migratory gallery," either collaborating with other galleries, as with this exhibition, or producing shows in borrowed or otherwise temporarily acquired spaces. It specializes in showcasing emerging and mid-career artists from Brooklyn. 

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See images of the installation at ninalevy.com/new.htm,
or email Nina at nslevy@aol.com
Please contact Larry Walczak at 718 387 2714 or larryeyewash@earthlink.net; eyewash.cc
Paulien Lethen at 718 384 5738 or hollandtunnel@hotmail.com;