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Griffiths, Bill, Demanding Child, Zippy (nationally syndicated cartoon) Sept 22
Hawkins, Margaret,
Breaking Boundaries: Hyde Park Art Center’s new home knocks
    down art stereotypes with ‘Takeover’
,Chicago Sun-Times, May 6, Features
    Section,front and 13, photo

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Thompson, Bob, The Changing Face of American Portraiture, The Washington Post,
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Genocchio, Benjamin,  Telling Tales of History, Myth, Fantasy (and Real Life Too) 
   New York Times
(exhibitions review)  April 10, p. CT 9 (photo)
Riley, Jan., (Dis)Respecting Figuration: A Conversation with Nina Levy,, Sculpture
    November issue, pages 44-49


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Blum, Jenny, Big Baby is Back, Ridgefield Press
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Brundage, Brita, More Than One Big Baby in Ridgefield
    Fairfield County Weekly
, April 1, p. 32, Fairfield, CT, (photo)
Gallery & Studio Magazine, Open House: A museum Grows in Brooklyn
     Summer,  p. 16
Holtz, Jeff, WORTH NOTING: After a Pampering of Sorts, 'Big Baby' Is Set to Return
    The New York Times,
Connecticut Weekly Desk.  January 25, 2004 (photo)
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Volk, Gregory, Big Brash Borough, (exhibition review), 
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Koplos, Janet,  Nina Levy @ Feigen and Metaphor, (exhibition review)
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Morgan, Robert C., Nina Levy at Feigen Contemporary and 
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Cotter, Holland,  Nina Levy, Eyewash @ Holland Tunnel, (exhibition review)
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, Friday, March 8. E39
Streitfeld, L.P., Post Sept. 11:  Eroticism in New York  
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, April issue.
Zeits, Lisa, Vogelhauschen mit Leder und Reibvrschlub, 
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The New Yorker, Gallery Listings, (review and illustration)

Nina Levy, Eyewash @ Holland Tunnel, March 25, pp. 17&20


Feaster, Felicia, Altered Reality, (exhibition review) Creative Loafing 
    Atlanta, GA Feb 17
Saltz, Lizzie Zucker, Nina Levy & Jason Salavon (exhibition review) 
July-Aug p 39 (photo)
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The Suffolk County News, Living Doll at Anthony Giordano Gallery
     Oct 11, p.8

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Bollen, Christopher, "Posers" at White Columns Time Out New York,
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Harris, Jane, Nina Levy at I-20, Art In America, October. p.156 (photo)
Camper, Fred, Distancing Techniques, (exhibition review) 
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Hawkins, Margaret, CACA (Chicago Art Critics Association Newsletter) Dec
Hawkins, Margaret, "...And Everything Nice," Rockford Art Museum, Dialogue,
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Hawkins, Margaret, Exhibit Puts 'Nice' on Ice, (exhibition review) The Chicago
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Hawkins, Margaret, Disparate Trends, (exhibition review) The Chicago
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Morgan, Cynthia, ...And Everything Nice (exhibition review) New Art Examiner
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Fox Thing in The Morning, Arts segment, WFLD-TV Chicago, Fox Affiliate.
    Nov 2 1995

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Snodgrass, Susan, Nina Levy at Peter Miller Gallery, Art in America,
    May. p.125 (photo)

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Glatt, Cara, Midway Studio Artists Now at Annual Show,
   The Hyde Park Herald, Aug 11. p.16 (photo)
Glatt, Cara, The Human Figure, Broken Down and Reworked,
   The Hyde Park Herald, Feb 10. p.18 (photo)
Merchandise Mart Heads, Associated Press (photo) May 9
    Incl The Chicago Sun Times and The London Times

Auer, James, Sheboygan Show Mixes Fine-Tuned Humor with Timely
, The Milwaukee Journal, July 28. p. E10 (photo)
That's Art, News feature on artists, Chanel One. National educational
    program. (other segments: William Wegman, Chuck Close, Arthur C. Danto)

Lautman, Victoria, Artistic License, Weekly arts magazine WBEZ 91.4 FM 
Chgo, Sept 15.